Do what Mama says

This is my little tribute to that amazing toy “The Magic 8 Ball” manufactured by Mattel.


Classic game created for the sidebar of WordPress.


My design for the Speakerdog Series 5. Download paper toy here.  


Ive added two new sections to the sidebar of my site. A memory game for your amusement and My latest flikr pics.


I did a skate board design for Popdeck, you can rate my design here… please!


You can buy an amazing pack of badges over at ALIVE. Theres one with my design in there too.

Handmade Toys

First series of my characters turned into Plush Toys. They have all found a home and im working on the second batch of Toys.


Ive made my first stencil and had a little spray indoors.


Hand painted Skate Deck Series for private collector.


Finally found time to redesign my website and added to the sidebar a puzzle game. Go on! Dont be shy, you know you want to play.

King Pong

King Pong was my submission to the Ping Pong Remix by Gaston Caba.

Bird Character

I participated in The Little Bird Project with a little Robin. “King Robin”

The King…

The King and the fire. Doodle from one of my many sketchbooks. I shall be rescueing these now and again to add to the sketchbook archives.


Illustration for the online magazine twohundredby200.